Written by: Barbara Birenbaum

ISBN 9780935343076     Soft cover 256 Pages
All Ages:  Fiction    
Size: 4 1/2 x 6       List Price   $ 10.95

Discover the essence of Moms in 17 Chapters of original, contemporary quips that will last a lifetime.

Whether a Mom or thoughts of Moms, there are quips with which one can relate and others that inspire you!

A humorous insight in Moms, reflecting on their role as parents, attributes, talents, gifts and interactions with children and adult child-parental relationships.

For readers of all ages to be enjoyed by everyone!  A book about Moms, for Moms, Moms to be be, children and adults to gain a new perspective of Moms.

Areas of Interest:  Humor, Self-Help, Family, Quotations, Parenting, Personal Growth, Guidance and Advice. Interactions of children of all ages with parents and parents with children.