A Survival Story

Written by: Barbara Birenbaum

ISBN 9780935343502    Hardcover  32 Pages
Age 8 to 100  Non-Fiction    
Size: 8 x 10       List Price   $ 19.95

A Story within a Story (C)  - Two stories in one about the same theme each uniquely different as they appear side-by-side on each page.  

A Story - The life of a Bald Eagle that begins with a traumatic fall as an egg to the ground. The events that occur when the eaglet hatches are woven in a story  As it hatches and grows it becomes a story of life and survival.  

The Story within a Story (C) -Events are woven with factual news as biological surrogate and foster parenting Bald Eagles are involved  and the impact this bird has on mankind.

Full color photos and Illustrations.

TESTIMONIALS listed below

Interest Created:  Informative about eagles, their habitats, parenting skills, growth and development.
Promotes environmental awareness of endangered species. - the Bald Eagle.
Contributes to understanding and the protections of all endangered species.
Insight into biological, surrogate and foster parenting by eagles.
Enhances understanding of our national symbol, The American Bald Eagle.



"In AMAZING BALD EAGLET, Ms. Birenbaum creatively used the Story Within A Story© format to best tell this nature tale.  All her books are widely read throughout the Pinellas County Schools."

 Bonnie Kelley, Supervisor - Library Media/Technology - Pinellas County Schools, FL.


 "Her oeuvre is highly imaginative and creative, while always carrying important messages as supporting the environment."

Xenia F. Fane, Ph.D., NYU - Independent Book Reviewer

The Egg and More!!

 "Side by side with the story of one eaglet is information about eagles in general. . . an ideal book to read to young children, a reference for older ones and a keepsake for adults."

Theodora Aggeles, Reviewer -   St. Petersburg Times Newspaper St. Petersburg, FL

A Story to Share

"Readers of few words say the story is “good.” Younger readers liked the story of the baby Eaglet . . .We all received an education about Eagles in poetry and prose, in photos and sketches."

B C,  Elementary Media Specialist -  Pittsburgh, PA.

National and North America Appeal.

Children’s Book Council

                                Children’s Books Mean Business, 2001.

                                                Children’s Books –Awards & Honors 2003