Written by: Barbara Birenbaum

ISBN 9780935343106      Hard cover         List Price       $ 14.95
ISBN 9780935343151      Soft cover          List Price       $   5.95

Age 5  to 100  Fiction

Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2       52 Pages

The KINDL Books -  Adventures in reading series.

Character:  Kindl is a walking, talking symbol of light whose adventure stories are a blend of historical fact or legend. 

Story:  Candle Talk finds Kindl tumbling into a Hanukkah adventure.  He meets up with the most unusual candles, that are eager to take part in the celebration.  But, Kindl only wants to watch it.

Kindl learns the story of Hanukkah from the candles.  But, the talking menorah has a difficult time convincing him of his importance in this special celebration.

As he looks forward to this eight day Festival of Lights, Kindl gives a meaning to each night of light.  Night after night he sits in awe, sharing his love with the other candles and wondering if he will ever meet the Shammas.

Book has music with Lyrics - "The Eight Lights of Hanukkah"

This adventures follow the 3E's to reading:  Education, Entertainment and Enjoyment with stories based on events.

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by  Jeanne Pugh, Religious News Editor, ret. St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, FL.

CANDLE TALK      by Barbara Birenbaum

Barbara Birenbaum has done it again. CANDLE TALK, the seventh in her series of children's books, takes us on another intriguing adventure with Kindl, the candle - and, in the process, adults and children alike can become a little more educated about the meaning of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah.

One of her earlier works, LIGHT AFTER LIGHT (out of print) also had a Hanukkah theme; but this newer version delves more deeply into the history and significance of the holiday. For that reason alone, the book should find an audience in both Jewish and non-Jewish families. It could, in fact, be used as a valuable tool in teaching school children of other religious backgrounds about the heritage of their Jewish classmates. Such an exchange of cultures seems to be sorely needed in the public schools where teaching about - not of - religion has been so neglected.

CANDLE TALK follows Kindl as he climbs into a box of candles en route to a Hanukkah celebration. He learns the significance of the candle lighting ceremonies that mark each night of the eight-day festival, including the separate meanings attached to each of the candles that are added successively to the Menorah, the traditional nine-branch candelabra. As an added bonus, Mrs. Birenbaum has included the actual prayers said during the ceremonies, in both Hebrew and English, as well as the words and music for an original Hanukkah song, The Eight Lights of Hanukkah.

The language and dialogue, as in the other Kindl adventures, is delightful. It should be a treat in easy, fun reading for youngsters in the elementary grades.