FPA President's Award
2005 Best Juvenile Book

Florida Publisher Association --> (FPA)


Written by: Barbara Birenbaum

ISBN 9780935343694    Hardcover  48 Pages
Age 8 to 100  Non-Fiction    
Size 10" x 8"       List Price   $ 21.00

A Story within a Story (C)  - Two stories in one about the same theme each uniquely different as they appear side-by-side on each page.  

The Story: The life of Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil with the history and traditions of Groundhog Day on February 2nd.

The Story within a Story (C) - The lives of other groundhogs of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida that also predict the weather across America and their tradition. 

Underlying Theme: Decision making, self-confidence, and the impact  groundhogs have in predicting the onset of spring. 

Sheet Music with lyrics "Where Are You Punxsutawney" and locator map of other groundhogs across the United States.

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President’s Choice Best Juvenile Book, 2005

 presented by Florida Publishing Association -  FPA

Refreshing and informative!

 “Take a refreshingly funny, extremely informative historical ride to Groundhog Day across America, evolving from weather forecasting of the Old World, including Native American lore, and customs of early American settlers.”

Loris Essary - International Titles

Double treat . . .

Ingeniously presented in two formats as a Story within a Story© one appealing to younger readers, while the other conveys concise research to readers of all ages. The young at heart as well as those with a more curious disposition, will find this “story within a story” to be a double treat.

Discover Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, his spirited contemporaries of PA, NJ, NC, GA, FL and WI for the Midwest, and Groundhog Day traditions, plus sheet music with lyrics, locator map and dictionary.

Maria D’Oleo, Middle School Teacher - Pinellas County, FL

"...takes us through a historic ride that encompasses Native American lore, customs and beliefs of early American settlers, and the evolution of tradition s that culminated into what we now know as Groundhog Day.  Her book is refreshingly funny and extremely informative. 

 As a teacher, I particularly admire her ingenious way of presenting the same information in two different formats within the same book.  One appeals to elementary school children while the other conveys a concise research to higher-level readers.  The young at heart, as well as those with a more curious disposition, will find this “story within a story” to be a double treat.  It was to me. 

I highly recommend this terrific book to anyone who wants to know all there is to know about Groundhog Phil, his spirited contemporaries, and the Groundhog Day tradition.

Maria D’Oleo - Middle School Teacher - Clearwater, FL 3/2004


Science, history, folklore and traditions!

"Not only is this a book about the history of Groundhog Day with Old World and New World legends, but Indian folklore, habitats of groundhogs, the development of the town of Punxsutawney, how Groundhog Day evolved, traditions established by groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, and the lives of groundhogs that carry on their own traditions of Groundhog Day in cities and towns across America."

 Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People - Children’s Book Council