Written by: Barbara Birenbaum

Illustrated by:  Pat Sapp

ISBN 9780935343458     Hard cover          List Price       $ 14.95
ISBN 9780935343465      Soft cover          List Price       $   5.95

Age 5  to 100  Fiction

Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2       54 Pages

The KINDL Books -  Adventures in reading series.

Character:  Kindl is a walking, talking symbol of light whose adventure stories are a blend of historical fact or legend. 

Story: The Olympic Glow finds Kindl meeting Olympic torchbearers of today.  He travel back to the first Olympics of 776 B.C. and goes forward to the beginning of the modern Olympics not so very long ago.

While everyone understands the events, Kindl takes up the mission of learning the meaning of the Olympic symbols and how the torch travels to the Summer and Winter Games.

As a torchbearer, Kindl wonders if this light is part of his past.  People like himself can be part of the Olympics by carrying this message of good will, fair play and sportsmanship around the world, just like the athletes who participate in each Olympiad.

This adventures follow the 3E's to reading:  Education, Entertainment and Enjoyment © with stories based on events.

TESTIMONIALS listed below


 THE OLYMPIC GLOW by Barbara Birenbaum

(black/white illus.) 56 p (Gr. Level 3-6; El-Hi Gr. 4-8) 

Story of the Olympic torch as told by modern torchbearers to Kindl, a walking, talking symbol of light, who eventually becomes a torchbearer to the Games.  Kindl travels in his athletic trunks, tank shirt and tennis shoes back in time to meet Zeus, the torchbearers of 776 B.C. and learn the history of the ancient torch run.  Traveling forward in time, he meets the inventor of the Olympic torch, its significance in the Games, its design, the motto, the formal protocol of how to hold and pass the torch, how routes are planned and the Olympic oath. Historical adventure #8 of series.

Listed in the Curriculum Guide for Teachers, vol. II, (ACOG) Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games. Research provided by (USOC) United States Olympic Committee. Original edition considered for UNICEF and Peace awards due to cultural diversity.  New edition considered for Gold Ink, Parent’s Choice and Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP), Golden Kite, Children’s Literature awards. This book was featured in the Florida Pavilion of the 1998 Winter Games of Nagano, Japan, the sister city to Clearwater, and Olympic events of 21st century.


                                           This book serves as an informative and educational approach to the history of the Olympic torch. 

                                   I am pleased to see such an effective method of explaining the importance of the Olympic Games to the Youths of today.”

Buddy MacKay, Lieutenant Governor  - Office of the Governor, State of Florida


            “We are pleased to report that your book, THE OLYMPIC GLOW, will be included as an additional resource in the Curriculum Guide for Teachers.”

Marilyn Arrington, Director Youth and Education - Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games

                “THE OLYMPIC GLOW is well written and informative.”

Mary E Boland - Special Olympics International Headquarters

                "Another Birenbaum book teaching about symbols, this time the Olympic torch – its history, what the flame symbolizes, the design and motto. Chapter book with black and white shaded line drawings and torch symbols at top of pages. Best used by teachers or librarians searching for material about the Olympics. Also presents the spirit of cooperation among nations, sportsmanship among athletes or as supplementary material to tie in with a unit on meters for a math class.

Stella Wheat, Librarian - University of Southern Mississippi

The search for quality children’s literature about holidays and symbols and trademarks of our American heritage can end with this series of books Barbara Birenbaum.  Kindl’s adventures result in new understandings.  The stories satisfy the teacher’s desire to provide multicultural literature that appeals to children and provides information cleverly woven into each story.”

International Reading Association - THE MISSOURI READER,  The Cultural Connection