Og and His Frogs

Written by:  Gabriel Simon
Illustrated by:  Dianne Finch

ISBN 978093534724    Soft cover  32 Pages
Age 5 to 100  Fiction    
Size: 8 x 10       List Price   $ 12.95

Story:  Og is young boy who is a Frog collector and brings his frogs to share with his third grade class.  The other students learn to appreciates Og and his Frogs

Early reader rhyming story. Og of Boggity Bog collects all kinds of frogs.  The bog-loggity frogs were the strangest slight in Og's class. Full Color pictures.

About the Author:  Gabriel Simon teaches his 2nd Grade F.R.O.G Class, Fabulous Radical Original Go -Getters, in Antelope, California. Growing up, he became fascinated with books and writing stories. He is especially fond of frogs and unique people, who inspired him to write this story.  Even though frogs are peculiar and odd, we find beauty in them and learn acceptance. We also begin to respect them

About the Artist:  Dianne Finch of Roseville, California dabbled in art for many years.  She hung up her apron and with loving support of her husband, Ray Salter, now picks up the paint brush full time. Dianne's father raised his children by a career as an artist.  She proudly uses, "Finch" on her artwork, in honor of the talent she acquired from her father.