Amber's Dachshund Antics

A Survival Story

Written by: Barbara Birenbaum

ISBN 9780935343816      Hardcover  64 Pages
All Ages:  Non-Fiction    
Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4      List Price   $ 14.95

This is an Incredibly true story.  An author usually writes books. However, input from this mini-Dachshund added love to this story through her eyes and daily antics.  This became essential by her means of dog-speak and events as she kept beating the odds of survival. 

Many dogs play ball, but Amber’s playing with her small blue ball not only had a profound effect on her bouncing back, but became a daily barometer of her health!

Her almost eighteen years of life serves as an inspiration to those who might want to give up or give in when life throws them a curve ball.  People can gain a lot from the positive lessons and lively antics of Amber life. Many people knowingly or unknowingly, shared in her life.

Color photos and original quips of dog antics are included.

 “Dogs that play ball are usually good sports!”

 “Dogs lives may be touch-and-go when they should be get-up-and-go.”

“Dogs play ball for exercise. Dogs think people need exercise, so play ball.”