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Written by: Barbara Birenbaum

ISBN 9780935343441    Hardcover  44 Pages
Age 6 to 12 Non-Fiction    
Size: 10" x 8"     List Price   $ 21.00

A Story Within a Story (C) 

The Story: Historical adventure of twenty-one (21) Groundhogs including Punxsutawney Phil that forecast spring.  Their trails and tales take twists and turns on the way to discovery.  Story Within a Story (C)   Along the way watch out for impostors uncovered by the Under-Groundhog Spy Network.

    # State - Groundhog                               # State - Groundhog                         # State - Groundhog

 1. PA - Punxsutawney Phil                    8. NJ - Mel                                           15. MS - Dixie Dan  

 2. PA - Octoraro Orphie                          9. NC - Nibbles D                               16. LA - Pierre C. Shadeaux 

 3. PA - Sammi                                          10. NC - Sir Walter Wally                   17. MI- Woody   

 4. NY  - Dunkirk Dave                            11. NC - Woody                                    18. WI - Jimmy

 5. VT - PeeWee                                        12. NC - Queen Charlotte                  19. IL - Gertie

 6. CT Connecticut Chuckles                13. GA -Beaureguard Lee                 20. WV- Freddie

7. NJ - Essex Ed                                      14. AL - Birmingham Bill                    21.  AZ - Phoenix 

Age Level:  All Ages from 6 to 12   For additional information see below


Underlying Theme: Diversity, acceptance, decision-making, and the impact groundhogs have in predicting spring. 

Adds to appeal of the only U.S. holiday named after an animal

Broadens awareness of how groundhog messages are communicated

Contributes to the folklore of Groundhog Day celebrations and festivities across America

Diversity of forecasting groundhogs - their nuances, seasonal habitats and locales.

Environmental impact of climate and weather on predictions.

Focus on how traditional customs of a holiday evolve and expand.


Full Color Photographs of Groundhogs

Sheet Music with lyrics "Where Are You Punxsutawney"  adapted for each of the twenty-one (21) groundhogs.

Locator map showing states of the twenty-one (21) groundhogs across the United States.

Dictionary of Thirty (30) words and terms used about Groundhogs.

Printed in the USA